Plagiarism and the Left

Marxism 2013 A Great Success

So said this blog last Thursday (12 July)

Now Socialist Worker has come out with this story, reporting on Marxism 2013’s success,on 16th July. (This is the unedited, interactive version. Comments open)
Looks like plagiarism to me. Maybe I Should sue……………….

Marxism 2013 –  A great Success thirst for socialist ideas shows potential to build a new worldMarxism2013-13-7-13a

Hundreds Thousands of people took part in debates on Marxist theory, the working class, how to fight oppression and how to beat the Tories at the Marxism 2013 festival in London last weekend

More than 1,500 3,000 people gathered for the Marxism 2013 festival in London last weekend. The event, organised by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), saw hundreds of arguments  debates.

These ranged from the state of the working class today to Darwin and the evolution of modern humans, but mainly based on dealing with some of the divergences from Marxism where some comrades and former comrades have begun to move right away from the Marxist tradition..

The opening rally on Thursday of last week drew more than 900 people. They gave a standing ovation to Marion Nisbet from the All-Scotland Anti Bedroom Tax Federation.

She said it is vital to reach isolated people on estates. “I have been that woman sitting alone,” she said. “But I am not that woman any more.”

Several meetings during the festival opened up tense discussions about Marxist theory.

One series asked why oppression exists, who benefits from it and how we can end it inside the Party. Other meetings discussed the fight against fascism.

Leading SWP member Alex Callinicos and author Paul le Blanc’s meetings on Lenin saw huge differences lively debate on how revolutionaries should organise.

Author and science journalist Fred Pearce busted the toxic myth of overpopulation in one of a series of meetings on the environment.

Sheila Coleman from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and lawyer Gareth Peirce spoke at a meeting on police cover-upsand cover ups by others in authority such as the BBC, and political parties such as UKIP

Revolutionaries from across the world described their struggles to win a better world.


Revolutionary socialists from Egypt and Syria spoke in a powerful session on revolution in the Middle East.

Syrian socialist Ghayath Naisse said that revolutionaries must stay with the masses and build revolutionary parties.

Sameh Naguib from Egypt said Egypt’s revolution was part of a regional revolt that would have to confront the monarchy in Saudi Arabia.

Meetings on France, Spain and Greece saw activists discuss the different ways crisis is affecting different countries and what that means for revolutionary strategy.

Mahanya, a striking South African miner, talked about workers’ campaign for a national miners’ strike.

Socialist lawyer Jim Nichol and Labour MP Peter Hain spoke about the Marikana massacre, where police killed 34 miners last August. It was great to have a non-SWP member speaking

Journalist and campaigner Eamonn McCann addressed the closing rally along with Maria Stylou, a socialist from Greece, though Eamonn needs to remember that members the IS tendency don’t interfere in the discussions within other national organisations. Ever.

The event brought together much older activists with a few new people who are coming into the struggle. There were some young people there and even a few students.

Yasmin, a benefits justice activist from Rochdale, was one of the few there for the first time.

She told Socialist Worker, “I’d never thought of myself as a political person, but I’ve come here hungry for ideas.

“I thought politics was for educated people. But we have to get politicised.”


One thought on “Plagiarism and the Left

  1. I used to love reading party notes … so detached from reality as I experienced in the 10 years of my swp membership. One can afford to listen to lies once in a lifetime and get addicted to them!

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