Dear Martin………

Dear Martin,

I am sorry you have resigned from the SWP.  You were  voted “an exemplary comrade” at not one but two democratic conferences, so I must say that your reasons for your resignation are a total mystery.

As you inevitably move to the right without The Party to guide you, we look forward to working with you in a United Front (Of A Special Kind perhaps) in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, as you are no longer a member of the Socialist Workers Party, you will refrain from discussing any internal political matters with our members – you should remember that this is how our Leninist democratic centralism works, the so-called Facebook Four being an example of what can happen.

We will be e-mailing to all our members, as you appear to have many close friends in The Party, some very close, instructing them not to  engage with non-members such as yourself in any controversial political discussion about our internal affairs. (Unfortunately, since we are discussing all topics at the moment, we suggest that you stick to music, the weather, and celebrities – er, actually best be cautious re celebs  too.)

May I remind you that it is your responsibility to cancel your standing order.

In Solidarity

Karlie Chimber

General Secretary, Socialist Workers Party





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