Party Notes – 9 Sept 2013 – SWSS and RevSoc : A clarification

Last week’s Party Notes stated that “membership of Rev Soc is incompatible with membership of the SWP.” it was not intended to give the impression that our student societies are not open to all students. We fully intend to operate within the constitutions of the student unions. Furthermore, we want to make it absolutely clear that SWSS is independent from the SWP and anyone may join, including members of “Rev Soc“.

However, student members of the SWP are instructed not to join Rev Soc. It is an organisation that is wholly student based and not linked to a revolutionary party, and is  being pulled in all sorts of directions, ultimately to the right and away from working class politics.

SWP students will of course know that many Rev Soc members were are very good activists and we expect to be working with them in campaigns despite their sectarianism.

However, comrades need to remember that our priority is to rebuild amongst newly radicalised students and not engage in futile debates about rape the recent damaging discussion within the SWP.

Party Notes 16 Sept 2013 SWSS and RevSoc

All branches need to be putting serious work into their local colleges to help build SWSS. Working members should be taking time off work to attend SWSS meetings and sell SW on the campuses. The presence of experienced members in SWSS meetings is particularly important at the moment due to the sectarian approach taken by RevSoc members who have been deliberately attempting to disrupt our groups across the country and undemocratically forcing SWSS groups to dissolve themselves into other campus societies While we are unable to prevent RevSoc supporters joining SWSS and attending meetings, we are able to defeat them politically,but only if we have our members there.

Party Notes, 23 Sept 2013  SWSS groups and our intervention in the colleges

Lessons need to be learnt from the loss of all our SWSS groups to a rival political tradition.

Firstly – where SWP members from the local branch helped out at the colleges, we were able to retain a SWSS group for a little longer. With many of our members approaching retirement, this should become easier for branches to find members with the time to intervene at their local college.

Secondly – where SWP members felt self-conscious about being middle-aged men talking to young female students” they were less able to deal with sectarian comments by RevSoc and FemSoc members. All SWP members should be confident about our socialist politics and our Leninist democracy and be able to explain that we democratically voted on these controversial issues – we even had a special conference FFS – and that the issue is now democratically closed.

Thirdly – It is now clear that “RevSoc” are an organisation hostile to the SWP and moving to the right. Where possible, we should not engage in discussion with them, including on the world wide web.

Fourthly – the loss by some branches of SWP members sent to intervene in the colleges should not deter branches from building SWSS groups from the outside. We cannot afford to have no presence on the campuses this year, or simply wait for Freshers Week 2014.

A final point. If any branches do recruit a student, please inform the National Office immediately so he/she can be our National Student Organiser.


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