SWP Conference 2013 Internal Bulletin 1: “Magical Leninist Faction” & A Unity Poem

Dear Comrades,

Now the pre-conference discussion period has opened, we have taken the unusual step of releasing the first Internal Bulletin gradually. This is because we wish to take advantage of new technology such as the internet to aid democratic discussion and because some sectarian/oppositionist will leak the thing anyway.

We have also decided to give the whole organisation advance notice of the formation of the “Magical Leninist Faction” in order to give all comrades the chance to join the democratic discussion. We It already has 128 signatures. Email the National Office if you wish to add your name.Hopefully, we’ll  get more signatures than the opposition faction who are trying to ditch the Bolshevik Tradition . This way, we hope they will be able to see that they will not be able to win the vote at conference and will withdraw from putting damaging arguments to conference, focusing instead on how to build the Party.

We will release their documents as soon as possible, alongside our “Perspectives” and “Membership figures and Socialist Worker sales” document. These will include

            “Magical Leninism” and “In Defence of the Slate System”

All Branch Secretaries please remember that any new members joining between now and the close of conference will not be full members – they will be able to attend and speak at all meetings and aggregates, but they will not be able to vote in elections or resolution votes relating to our conference. Of course every member is gold dust.

Can treasurers and Appeal Organisers ensure that all members donate to the Appeal and collect for it. Those who claim that they will do so only after the conference is over may face disciplinary action and have their membership status equated to those who have joined only after September 13th.

IST Observers

Comrades from other groups in the International Socialist Tendency are welcome to apply for observer status at our conference. They will not have speaking rights but may be called upon to make a contribution. International comrades need to remember that they are not to get involved in the internal discussions of other national groups – especially Britain and Egypt. Such interference is not part of Our Tradition.

Party Unity

Finally, in the spirit of Party unity that is so vital to genuine Marxists, we would like to publish this poem, as a reminder to all comrades of our tradition, and what we share. Those familiar with the revisionist verse of Shaun’s Mamma may recognise the form if not the content. (Shaun’s Mamma is of course a HoWLer, and has been in charge of his own group for nearly as long as Mr Taffe)

          MAY ’68

Who fears to praise Red Sixty Eight?
Who quails at Cliff’s name?
When liars jeer at Harman’s fate
Who adds his, “Theirs the blame”?
Cain-Miliband’s slave, or bourgeois brave
Will scorn the Old Cause thus,
But honest men and women
Will raise a voice with us.

We praise the memory of the dead,
Of Cliff’s friends long gone
Who crushed the factions in revolt:
An army, not a throng.
All, all are gone, but still lives on
The cause of those who died
And honest men and women
Remember them with pride.

They rose in faction-burn’d, document drenched days
To help set workers free
Their own lives fed the living blaze
That challenged tyranny:
But New Labour might half-vanquished right
Some left in disarray,
And others spun ’neath Seymour’s blog
—And we strive still today!

We work to free all those who live
In bourgeois slavery
And glory in the names of those
Who fought for Liberty.
’Trenched bourgeois might won’t vanquish right
But break and go astray.
And honest men and women
Will speed them on their way!

Yes, we dare praise Red Sixty Eight,
We honour Cliff’s name.
Though cowards mock the old Red fight,
We’re still in Harman’s game!
Though Miliband’s knaves and ConDem slaves
Must scorn the Old Cause thus,
Still honest men and women
Will voice this faith with us.

We hail the memory of the free,
Of Harman’s ’durate few
Who fought in Orgreave, Wapping, Welling,
In Milband’s New Labour too.
Though all are gone, they still live on,
Their cause won’t go away
And honest men and women
Can sing their song today.

Then here’s their memory, may it be
For us a guiding light
That points to workers’ liberty,
Can teach us how to fight.
Through good and ill continue still
The Cause that thrives unseen,
That brought the bourgeois tyrants down
In Nineteen Sixty Eight!

[This goes to the tune of John Kells Ingram’s “Ninety Eight.]

From the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party, September 14th 2013


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