IB1 : Three motions on welcoming former members back into the SWP

DSC02913 IbMotion 1

Conference notes the “resignation” of up to 500 members in the months following our special conference in March 2013.

Conference further notes that the issues many of these members had raised before March 2013 – the need for a special conference, the continued membership of he Who Should Not Be Named, a change in Disputes Committee procedures – have now happened.

Furthermore, despite clear leadership regarding the airing of internal matters outside the organisation, the Central Committee has not taken action against the many members who debated our internal difficulties on the internet. And last week we even printed a letter critical of Socialist Worker in Socialist Worker. And those 4 members who we initially suspended in July 2013 had their suspensions lifted rapidly in the interests of unity an democracy.

Conference resolves to write to all comrades who have left the Party since the end of our last conference in January 2013 explaining that, as is usually the case for 2 years, they remain SWP members and are welcome to join us again in actively intervening in the struggles of workers and in the fight against fascism and imperialism. (Exceptions may be made where these members have used facebook and blogs to attack the Party)

Central Committee

Motion 2

Conference notes

  • The invaluable work of He Who Should Not Be Named (H.W.S.N.B.N.) in placing the SWP at the heart of the struggle against austerity, via Unite the Resistance, and against fascism with UAF and LMHR. In particular, we would like to remind comrades of his excellent personel skills which have enabled a good relationship with key leaders in the Trade Union Movement.
  • The hostility among a few members of the Party to H.W.S.N.B.N., their total disregard for Leninist discipline, publicy going against democratic decisions of the January 2013 conference.

Conference resolves

  • To welcome H.W.S.N.B.N. Back into his former role
  • To expell all SWP members who have broken democratic discipline and used the internet to publicy attack The Party in the last 12 months
  • To urge all members not to waste their time looking at websites and facebook chatter hostile to the SWP and instead intervene in the important struggles of workers.

(The proposers of this motion have asked for their names to be witheld until conference due to the threat of “cyberbullying”)

Motion 3

Conference notes the resignation of over 500 members since March 2013, including 90% of our students but also many trade union militants and key activists.

Conference believes that the changes in the Disputes Committee procedures and the resignation of Comrade Delta are a de facto recognition by the SWP that the original investigation into the allegations against Comrade Delta’s were seriously flawed.

Conference recognises that comrades were right to question this and deeply regrets the decisions that led to the loss of our reputation and of so many members.

Conference Resolves

  1. To hold an investigation into why the Central committee took the path they did on this issue since 2010. This investigation would be held by a panel elected at the end of this conference and would be empowered to refer any member to the Disputes Committee for bringing the Party into disrepute.
  2. To write to all those ex-members who have resigned or been expelled during 2012 and 2013 offering an apology, and asking if they would consider rejoining either individually or as a group
  3. To open up the SWP website to on line discussion and articles by members critical of current positions
  4. To permit and facilitate organised open factions
  5. To produce Internal Bulletin’s for members once a month
  6. To create space within the Party for women members (and other self-defining opressed groups who wish) to caucus seperately with a view to ensuring that all members are involved in the struggle against opression
  7. To open up a series of discussions across the Party on feminism, united fronts, Left Unity, democratic-centralism, and the state of working class politics in Britain today. This is to be done with a view to ammending our constitution and practices in the wider movement at the 2014 conference.

(The proposers of this motion have asked for their names not to be printed, but will speak to aggregates and conference as they have formed a faction)

Ammendment to the oppostion faction motion

Add under resolves, point 8: To buy Tim Nelson a pony


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