Dear National Secretary,

Dear National Secretary,

Please expel us from the Socialist Workers Party.

We have just spent an evening reading through old copies of Party Notes, as we often do on a Monday evening, and we have discovered that we have broken Leninist Democratic discipline!

Party Notes, 2nd September 2013 states clearly“All pre-conference discussion should take place through the IBs, the aggregates and the party’s democratic structures, and not by any other means.”

We feel that, in the true spirit of democratic Leninist self-criticism (something we revolutionaries always welcome), we have inadvertently  attacked the democracy of our Party.

Despite clear democratic leadership from the democratically elected CC that we should not start discussions before the pre-conference period, we spent an enormous amount of  time emailing and phoning each other to collect support for our statement in the first Pre-Conference Discussion bulletin. Some of even met in pubs.

Furthermore, we have been colluding with a certain activist who is no longer a member of the Socialist Workers Party, and thus has no right to be party to any internal democratic discussion. Only members of the Revolutionary Party can discuss the Revolutionary Party with us.

Comrades, this is factionalising!

Would Lenin have stood by ignored such a breach of proletarian discipline?

Would the Russian Revolution have been successful without strict adherence to the orders of the Bolshevik leadership?

Would Cliff have used the internet to start a secret faction?

We all know the answer, and therefore we respectfully request that we are all expelled, with immediate effect.

(We will of course ensure we contact our banks to amend any direct debits ourselves)

Adam (Bristol Uni SWSS & Bristol), (Manchester), Alan (Tottenham), (Liverpool), Ameen (Manchester Central), Andy (Manchester Chorlton), Anna (North London), Anna (Euston), Arthur (Dundee/Fife), Ayesha (Edinburgh), A. (Lancaster), Cam (Manchester Chorlton), Carlo (Dundee/Fife), Caroline (Manchester Chorlton), Celia (Manchester Central), Charlotte (Glasgow North), Chris (Manchester Rusholme), Chris (Dundee/Fife), David (Liverpool), David (Manchester Central), Dave (Wigan), Dean (Walthamstow), Dick (Manchester Levenshulme), Donny (Edinburgh), Eleanor (Leeds City Centre), Emma (Manchester Chorlton), Eugene (Lancaster), Fergus (Hornsey & Wood Green), Gary (Tottenham), Gary (Waltham Forest), Helen (Manchester Levenshulme), Iain (Dundee/Fife), James (North London), Jackie (Cardiff), Jan (Manchester Levenshulme), Janet (Tottenham), Jeff (Cardiff), Jennifer (Hornsey & Wood Green), Jill (Sheffield South), Jim (Dundee/Fife), Joanna (Manchester Longsight), John (Leeds Harehills), John (Tower Hamlets), Julie (Hornsey & Wood Green), Kate (Goldsmith Uni SWSS), Kate (Leeds Harehills), Kelvin (Tower Hamlets), Laila (Manchester Chorlton), Laura (Leeds), Liz (Dundee/Fife), Liz (Leeds Harehills), Lorraine (Walthamstow), Louis (Sussex Uni SWSS and Brighton & Hove), Margaret (Glasgow), Marisa (Liverpool), Mark (Manchester Chorlton), Marta (Lancaster), Matthew (Manchester Chorlton), Maxine (Sheffield), Merlin (Euston), Mick (Dundee/Fife), Mike (Hornsey & Wood Green), Mike (Manchester Levenshulme), Nahella (Manchester Rusholme), Nandini (Dundee/Fife), Nina (Crewe), Niaz (Euston), Owen (Hornsey & Wood Green), Paul (Leeds Central), Paul (Lancaster), Paul (Newham), Penny (Edinburgh), Penny (Manchester Chorlton), Pete (Dundee/Fife), Pete (Manchester Central), Phil (Tottenham), Phoebe (Camden), Rab (Edinburgh), Rahul (Brixton), Ray (Liverpool), Regi(Camden), Rhetta (Manchester Central), Roger (Walthamstow), Ron (Manchester Chorlton), Russell (Leeds City Centre), Sally & Sam (Leeds Central), Sasha (Hackney East), Siobhan (Walthamstow), Simon (Manchester Central), Steve (Crewe), Sojourner (Leeds Harehills), Sue (Leeds Central), Susie, Terry S & Terry M (Hornsey & Wood Green), Talat (Edinburgh), Tomas (Cardiff Uni SWSS), Tony (Manchester), Vivek (Tottenham)


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