And the biggest socialist group at Sussex University is…….

With the latest allegations of another appallingly handled rape investigation within the SWP, I don’t feel able to satirise my former organisation. The member at the centre speaks for herself. Of course the Party Leadership, and sadly the opposition have had nothing to say.

Instead I will report what I heard was the biggest socialist meeting on campus at Sussex University this year. So big that 5 extra members of the SP turned up as well as the 2 who volunteered to “intervene”. It was held by the group claiming the most members.

Prizes to be won……….

You may guess their identity from the following hilarious almost-self-parodying, cliché-ridden article from their newspaper. I will send a prize via facebook to whoever can name that sect ! You can also win a prize by counting and naming the most linguistic-marxist-leninist-victorian-nonsensical clichés in the article.  Bear in mind that in the last 12 years, the Socialist Workers party, the Socialist Labour party, and the Socialist party have all had the status of being Sussex University’s largest socialist group. A clue – despite “Party Notes” claiming “Sussex University SWSS attracted 36 students to their second meeting of the term” , its not SWSS/SWP.

******* SOCIALIST******** newspaper article

*** Socialist ****** provides a first-class MARXIST analysis of events in Britain and internationally. The unfolding crisis of world capitalism – the deepest since the 1930s and the Great Depression – is a confirmation of the ideas of Marxism. In its old age, the capitalist system is returning to “normality”, where the development of the productive forces is blocked by the private ownership of the means of production and the nation state. This is not simply a boom and slump crisis, but a crisis of the capitalist system itself.

The mood in the working class is being transformed by these events. If we do our work properly, this will provide the MARXIST tendency with enormous opportunities to build support throughout the labour movement. Of course, this will not just fall from the skies. It must be consciously organised for.

This is why we publish a regular MARXIST newspaper. *** Socialist ****** in Britain, and our various sister newspapers all over the world, seek to gather together and organise the most conscious elements of the workers and youth, in order to explain the need to fight for a socialist alternative to the dead-end of capitalism crisis and misery.

*** Socialist ****** strives to make conscious the unconscious strivings of workers and youth to change society. We encourage all our readers to get in contact with local *** Socialist ****** supporters, or set up supporters groups where they do no yet already exist. Contact the paper today and find out how you can help in your area in the fight for socialism.

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We need you!

We have no big business backers or sponsors, We only rely on the many small donations of pennies and pounds from ordinary people. And that is just they way we want it. As our wealth of ordinary supporters grow, so we have plans to move to a fortnightly, and then weekly, paper. This must go hand-in-hand with a growth in those fighting for a MARXIST programme inside the workers’ organisations, and a corresponding growth in resources.

Therefore we ask you, if you are willing to support the struggle for socialism, to do so not just in words but in deeds. Take out a subscription of *** Socialist ****** today.


4 thoughts on “And the biggest socialist group at Sussex University is…….

  1. Socialist Appeal – along with the International Marxist Tendency they stand in “the traditions of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Ted Grant,” according to their website. I cannot believe I wrote that sentence and can anyone read it with a straight face? Yeah, yet more Trotscum.

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