IB2 : Membership figures, Socialist Worker Sales, Internet Discussion, Moving Forward

ib2 cover  Membership Figures

Over the last year, hundreds of people have joined the SWP. OK, so hundreds have left, but that just shows that it is not people leaving that matters but those joining. They are our future and will be central to the Party moving forwards and putting this difficult year behind us. So remember comrades, if we recruit two new members for everyone who leaves in the future then any post-conference exodus can only strengthen us.

We are not able to give precise membership numbers as this will be used against us by forces hostile to our Party like the state and rightward-moving sectarian groups such as the ISN and Counterfire, who of course keep their own  miniscule membership a closely guarded secret. We can confidently state that we are still the biggest Revolutionary Group in Britain, and perhaps the world. (The Socialist Party’s recent claim to have 2,500 members and thus be the biggest group in Britain cannot be taken seriously as we have reason to believe that these figures include anyone who’s signed up in the last two years regardless of whether they’ve ever been sen again!!)

Cetral Committee

Socialist Workers Sales

As you will have all seen from P. Notes, we have had some unbelievable sales which goes to show that workers are looking for socialist leadership. Students too continue to look to us for ideas – only this morning we heard that Liverpool Hope University, some students have covered the campus in home made Socialist Worker posters. We cannot give total sales figures as they may be used by sectarians who don’t even have a weekly paper! Anyway, they don’t reveal their slaes figures so why should we?Screenshot

Incidentally, even if it is true that even the silliest of the sectarian blogs can get more views than Socialist Worker, they are building nothing whereas every person who actually physically buy a nespaper off us is involved in an organic relationship with us in the same way the Bolsheviks had scaffolding and everyone know’s the internet’s just full of gossip.

Central Committee

Internet Discussion

Party Notes, 2nd September 2013 states clearly“All pre-conference discussion should take place through the IBs, the aggregates and the party’s democratic structures, and not by any other means.”

Zx81-timex-manipulatedIt has been noted by some SWP members who use the internet and “social networks” that Alex Callinicos and Charlie Kimber have been putting documents on line, sometimes just as a “facebook note” when taking on forces hostile to the SWP and its democratically elected leadrship. While we think it is generally best for SWP members to ignore these sectarian blogs, and members must not repost or link them, the CC felt that the recent disinformation spread about us needed to be answered.

This is in line with the 2nd September Party Notes instruction as Alex’s articles were passed through our democratic structures, ie a CC meeting. Ordinary members wishing to respond to sectarian blogs or write facebook notes may do so, but need to do it democratically – ie proposed comments must be sent to the elected CC beforehand for approval.

Central committee

Moving Forward

Remember Comrades. We always have the potential to move forwards. Those of us who have spent too long naval gazing are missing the wider picture and missing both the objective need for growth and the subjective factors determining whether growth becomes a reality.

For example, some members may have felt that the departure from Unison United Left of a few non-SWP activists, including NEC member Jon Rogers, is a setback. But if we break the cycle of negative thinking, naval gazing, and factionalism currently damaging parts of our Party, we can see this clarification amongst Unison’s rank and file for what it is – a strenghthening of genuine rank and file organisation without relying on union NEC members, and those parts of the left hopelessly pulled by Labour Party reformism and movementism.

Remember Comrades : Optimism of the Will!

Things Can Only Get Better!

Central Committee


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