Platform of the Gold Dust 5,033 (Majority/Bolshevik) Faction

We, the 5,033 non-subs paying members of the Socialist Workers Party, have used the powers of Magical Leninism to contact each other and form a faction in the run up to 2013 conference.

As Tony Cliff once said, “every member is gold dust”. That includes us. We would also like to point out that we are in fact the majority of the SWP membership. Following our faction meeting yesterday, we are informing the minority of our party that we will all be attending every aggregate meeting over the next few weeks and standing a full slate for the election of conference delegates in every SWP District aggregate.

Our Programme

  • Socialist Worker : To entertain the rest of the left and to keep our own membership on their toes, we will occasionally argue a different position in the on-line and print editions of the paper. This is an effective method of increasing circulation, as shown by the non-reporting then reporting of the mass arrests of anti-fascists in Tower Hamlets recently, or the Vote Labour/Don’t Vote articles during the Croydon North by-election.
  • Socialist Worker letters page : We will be having a competitions for the most ridiculous letter, and most-like-Militant-in-the-1980s-letter.
  • george-gallowayProgramme : We will not have a programme. The new CC will change its strategy whenever it feels like it, bending the stick as far as possible, in order to keep the membership on their toes and to give the rest of the sectarian left a good laugh. (Look at the attention we got when we were George Galloway‘s cheerleader one week and denouncing him as a Stalinist-Communalist the next. And two Respect conferences on the same day – genius)
  • Central Committee We will reduce the size of the Central Committee to a much more manageable 2 members to ensure meetings don’t drag on for two long – though we would like all CC members to expect to all agree with each other anyway. This will also simplify the complex system of Party Finances, as these two will take control of all interests held by the various members and ex-members of the current CC.
  • cliffbook2Publication of the Lost Works of Tony Cliff

Proposed Central Committee

  1. Christopher (Hackney)
  2. Adriana (Haringey)
  3. Janice (South London University SWSS)
  4. Paulie (Cardiff)
  5. Richie (Glasgow)
  6. Bobby (Shetland Isles)
  7. Patsy (Exeter)
  8. Sal (Peterborough)
  9. Johny (Rugby)
  10. Carmela (Warrington)
  11. Rosalie (Bury)
  12. Meadow (Bolton)
  13. Tony (Edinburgh)
  14. Jennifer (York)
  15. We look forward to meeting the rest of the Party at the aggregates, and we would like to reassure the rest of the subs-paying part of the party that there will be no more divisions after 2013 conference, as we expect the rest of the Party to unite behind our faction, which already comprises 70% of the membership.

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