SWP Faction Fight : The Musical Part Two : Farce

In Part One : Tragedy there were angry songs, crazy songs, songs about killing rapists etc.

Part Two : Farce is a bit different. First it was simply a relief it was over, for me at least. But then things got silly.

Nina Simone : Feeling Good

After the March 2013 conference, I thought it was all over and after 4 months of madness posted a hand written letter to the SWP National Secretary telling him to remove me from the membership records (freepost envelope paid for from my subs) . I was feeling good!

DJ Shadow : This Time I’m Gonna Try It My Way

My soundtrack became more uplifting, despite”being in the wilderness”

Dead Prez : Learning Growing Changing

(Or in CC-Speak, Learning Movementism, Growing anti-Leninism Changing into a Reformist!)

Dead Prez says it all. Here’s a couple of snippets.

Nobody know it all, as soon as you think you do – that’s when you fall
We gotta do more than survive, we must evolve
Things change just when you thought you seen it all
We trip, we stumble but we get back and strike

Yo yo, the more you know, the more you know – you don’t know
And if you don’t know there’s more you can know then you won’t grow
What you don’t know can hurt you, discipline is a virtue
You gotta ask the right questions, it helps you go into cycles and cyphers and spirals
Information is viral, it infects you, it’s contagious and have you going through stages
Like deny, you don’t believe that
No, we didn’t do that
Then reality set in, there’s no disputin’ the facts
Yo I’m sorry if I woke you up, but when i open up
It’s like I’m smoking but I’m high off the people, watch me soak it up
Huey said the best education is observation and participation

George Formby : I Wish I Was Back on the Farm

In July, I started missing things a bit, so I started this blog

Faithless : Bring My Family Back

Not Feeling Good about leaving all those good comrades to fight alone

The Normal : Warm Leatherette

Then I heard the new song the IDOOMers wanted us to sing at the Marxism Final Rally. A song based on a car crash.

Luciano Berio : Sequenza lll

What many of the conference speeches would sound like to me.

The Ethiopians : Socialism Train

So who needs SWP when you’ve got SKA


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