Socialist Workers Party Post-conference Bulletin

Building a Better Future

We are reproducing the speech given by the entire Central Committee, in unison, speaking together with one voice.

1. Perspectives

Comrades!Capitalism in crisis around the world. Something that comes as no surprise to those of us who stand on the shoulders of giants like Marx and Lenin. Here in Britain, the Tories are vicious, but weak. Despite the sell outs of most of the trade union bureaucracy, ordinary people in this country feel enourmous anger against the cuts.

2. The Party, the class, and the movements

As The Party of the working class, we are part of that anger. We intervene in avery expression of that anger because like Lenin and the Bolsheviks, we are an interventionist party. However comrades, we must remember that movements against the cuts can go up like a rocket and down like a stick. Our own members can be pulled by the movements. We need to remember that we are more than just the movement. We are the vanguard party of the proletariat. In the movements we act collectively and we have to have the arguments with people from the standpoint of the proletariat.

3 Current Dangers

As we work within the movements that we are part of, our members have to be aware of the dangers involved. We are more than just cheerleaders. We work both with and against the trade union bureaucracy. With our  understanding of class politics, we understand the insidious petty- bourgeois nature of elements of the movement, particularly amongst students, expressed ideologically in feminism and autonomism – both  are clearly reflections of reformism.

4 Selling Socialist Worker and Building The Party

Within the movements, when we meet people and sell them Socialist Worker, there is no point in saying to them “see you on the barricades”. We need to do more than selling the paper, however brilliant it is. After all, the bourgeois press sells papers. As Tony cliff used to say, “So bloody what! Newsagents sell far more papers!! Should we all become paper boys?”

Socialist Worker is different. We take our model from Lenin and the Bolsheviks’s paper Pravda, which means Truth. But Socialist Worker is more than the only paper in Britain that tells the truth. It is an organiser; the scaffolding of The Party. It cannot be replaced by the virtual-scaffolding of this interweb-thingy.

So we use The Paper to build the forces of Marxism. If people buy The Paper, we need to recruit them – otherwise they’ll move to the right and end up on the wrong side of the barricades.

5 Democratic Centralism

As a Leninist Party,we are a combat organisation, not a debating society. We need maximum debate for 3 months of the year, but this must be followed by unity in action. We need centralised leadership if we are to take on the capitalist state as Lenin and the Bolsheiks did. Sometimes the democratically elected leadership will need to make tactical turns and bend the stick to ensure we act together and punch above our weight. And comrades, in order to uphold the democracy of The Party, the membership must uphold the decisions of our conferences.

6 Current Difficulties

Comrades, we need to stop acting as if we are in permanent crisis. It is only the sectarians of other left wing groups and insidious reformists, centrists and movementists who are still going on about Comrade Delta. All of us on the CC asked each other before conference and we can all say that apart from elements within the SWP and the tiny handful of sectarians, nobody has asked us about Delta. We need to move on comrades. We have expressed regrets and apologised. We need to unite and push outwards.

7 An Apology

We have already expressed our regret about what has happened in the last year. We hold our hand s up collectively and say that mistakes were made. We would like to apologise. We are sorry if any offense or upset has been caused by what has happened. It has been a difficult time for all of us and people have said things in the heat of the moment or as an overeaction, and many remarks have been misunterpeted. We wish to put this issue behind us and we hope that this apology can be accepted in the spirit in which it is offered.

8 Discipline and Factions

  Comrades, the faction has agreed to wind up. We have now apologised. There will be no repeat of last year. The dangers of continuing to use facebook, blogs and other internet things to ….hang onBINGO!!!….er, sorry…. er, yes comrades. No more factionalising. We need to return to the pre-internet days when discussion was held democratically, with all communication going through the party centre, ensuring everybody can take part, and with disagreements aired during the pre-conference discussion period, via the structures of The Party. Of course, comrades who wish to meet up to work out how best to support the Central Committee are free to do so as by definition they are not factionalising but supporting the democratically elected leadership.

Moral Voice of the Left

We had a vote, and the majority voted to have the phrase “Moral Voice of the Left” underneath the “Socialist Worker” masthead.

Central Committee Elected Again

The December 2013 Conference has once again, by a democratic majorty vote of the democratically elected delegates representing the whole of the Socialist Wokers Party across Britain, voted for the Central committee. This body will guide the organisation over the next year, and has been mandated to bend the stick whenever necessary, and launch whatever initiative is needed. The CC would like to point out that every single members denies being the author of the sectarian blog “Facing Reality”.

Bath Night,Refunds, Apologies, Ponies and the Appeal

We would like to make it clear no that there are rumours that have been spread around on the undemocratic, unaccountable internet that we need to refute for once and for all.

  1. When Hannah said that Alex hadn’t had a bath since Wednesday, it was actually Thursday

  2. The letter  to Michael Rosen agreeing with his criticisms did not happen

  3. The CC will not be buying Tim Nelson a pony

  4. There is no refund of subs available to members who claim The Party left them and not the other way round.

  5. The next Socialist Worker Appeal will not simply say “Please be nice to us” in a whiney appealing voice.


One thought on “Socialist Workers Party Post-conference Bulletin

  1. Just got an appendix to the bulletin in my inbox, sent to all members by Cde. Leader Amy L:

    Seems Cde. Leader Amy L has sneaked out of the first session on the opening day of Conference to take a batch of passports to the Embassy to get them stamped. She also had an audience with the Cde. Ambassador & handed him a communique from the Central-Committee-In-Waiting, expressing solidarity with the comrades for the anti-factionalising measures they have taken so swiftly.

    The CCIW also noted that it had had a self-criticism meeting, acknowledging that the party leadership had been weak in not nipping its own factionalism in the bud, which had grown like a cancer within the party, & that this would never, ever, be allowed to happen again. But we are where we are, so the CCIW has resolved to make amends by learning from the decisive comrades. All will be revealed in the coming days.

    Proletarian Internationalism allows us all to learn from struggles taking place anywhere in the world.

    (There are appendices & there are appendices.)

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