Five (Totally Unmarxist) Reasons for Socialists to Support Scottish Independence

As the left finds another National Question to divide over, with great tracts written on the Marxist economics of independence, and Leninist Parties throwing quotes from Lenin & Marx (or was it Stalin?) on the national question at each other, Facing Reality brings you the quick and easy guide to why we want a yes vote. Maybe I can even persuade one person, and change the course of history as the knife edge vote nears.

1    Put the Union Jack into the dustbin of historyflag

The flag that flew over the forced labour camps of Africa, the Atlantic slave ships, the massacres and forced famines of India & Ireland, and countless Brit-nazi marches will join the swastika and the hammer & sickle in the history’s flag dustbin. I once ended up in hospital after liberating a union jack from a police box in order to burn it, so the world will be a safer place for me too. As for its replacement, I quite liked this one……….


2   The BBC EWANIBC weather map would look even more hilariousE,W,NI-mapjpg

For years we’ve laughed at the absurdity of the BBC’s revenge on Ireland’s revolution, as it appears to flood the entire Republic of Ireland whenever the BBC wants to predict the weather in its territory. In future, the BBC – or whatever they rename themselves – will no doubt punish Scotland.The North Sea will seemingly reach Hadrian’s Wall as Scotland too disappears.


3  It would make David Cameron, Leon Britten, Ed Millibland, Nigel Farage & Nick Griffen cry

Along with nearly all the top bankers, civil servants, army chiefs, judges, CEOs, historians, Lords, landowners and millionaires.david-cameron-during-george-osborne-s-speech-the-conservative-party-conference-pic-getty-477738960 farage (2) Perhaps I’m just a bitter & twisted old lefty oozing hatred for the country I was born in, but I would just love to see the pompous, smug nationalism of our rulers take a bit of a kicking. These people truly love the idea, the history, the tradition etc of “Great Britain”.  So what could be better than Great Britain no longer existing! Even better. A yes vote looks like throwing the whole lot of them into a constitutional crisis, with politicians saying one minute Cameron will resign and their next minute that they’ll pass a special parliamentary act to cancel the 2015 General Election.As for the BNP, would they rename themselves the FPEW? 

4   It would stop London destroying Scotland’s beautiful landscape with bloody windfarmswindfarm (2)

While spewing petrol fumes, hazardous waste & plastic all over the rest of the world, the British government likes to make out its saving the planet by subsidising this form of so-called green energy. OK, so much of the Scottish rulers in waiting would want to continue this. But without London gold….. I must confess that I’ve never seen the Scottish countryside, but I wouldn’t want them all over my South Downs. There is a better way.

5  The SNP would be exposed and Scotland would turn to Leninism

mclean2 (2)What would be the point of Scottish nationalism, the SNP and Alex Salmond after independence? Scotland sheridan (2)could return to normal class politics, Unionist Labour would be exposed, and the masses would flock behind Tommy Sheridan creating the world’s first socialist country as the beginning of a Socialist Federation of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Europe, and in fact the whole wide world!!





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