Child Sex Abuse – Questions For The Left

leftunityBRIGHTON-400-150x150Left Unity says its “Doing Politics Differently”.  Well, we’ll see about that. But doing my first  talk at a meeting for my branch, I certainly end up doing a different subject to those often discussed at left meetings. But I have also decided to do the meeting differently.
Instead of me talking for 10-20 minutes, and the meeting asking me questions and making contributions, I will be introducing the discussion by only asking questions. (Of course I cheated a bit by writing a long piece on this blog about the subject and sending it round the group and to the facebook event for the meeting)

Questions for Socialists

  1. Why is there, relatively (compared to say the Levenson Enquiry into police/media/political corruption), such silence from much of the left?
  2. Is it because it makes us feel uncomfortable?
  3. Is it because it can trigger memories for many of us?
  4. Is it because some of the allegations are tinged with homophobia?
  5. Is it really as widespread as people say?
  6. Is it because we don’t really believe it?
  7. Why is rape and child sexual abuse virtually the only crime where many people think the complainant may be making it up?
  8. Has it happened throughout history?
  9. Is it connected to the oppression of women?
  10. Are children more free under late capitalism (does it happen less as childhood has been constructed), or has the sexualisation of children by the market made it worse?
  11. Are any groups in society more likely to sexually abuse children than others?
  12. Why do some socialists say that more powerful people are more likely to abuse children?
  13. Why did the other socialists say that the least powerful and  most alienated in society are more likely to sexually abuse children? Are either of them right?
  14. Why is the most likely group to sexually abuse children men?
  15. Why do so many on the left shy away from even saying this?
  16. Would child sexual abuse happen under socialism?
  17. If not, why not and if so, how would the perpetrators and victims be dealt with?
  18. Will a full scale public enquiry lead to healing and justice?
  19. Should we demand full powers for such an enquiry, i.e. The power to summon people and to make people swear an oath of truth?
  20. Does it matter who runs the enquiry ( surely not a jury of the abuser’s mates) and should we protest at any decisions about who heads the enquiry?
  21. What does “Justice” mean for survivors? (apart from more funding for counselling etc)
  22. Can we demand justice when its generally the right wing that protest against abuse or organise vigilantes against suspected paedophiles?
  23. Can the left initiate any protest or campaign without survivors groups?
  24. Do we want perpetrators jailed?
  25. Do we support the retrospective “they should have spoken out” legislation that would see the whole of Thatcher’s cabinet jailed?
  26. How do we protest? At the enquiry? At council offices, police stations, former children’s homes? With vigils? With anger?
  27. What can we do about it in the here and now? Can we demand anything or protest?
  28. Is it political opportunism to even raise the issue?
  29. Do we just say link it to the fight against the cuts and austerity?
  30. Do we demand massive help for all those society has let down? Or would an expansion of services for some be divisive in an age of cuts?
  31. Do we need stronger unions to promote whistleblowing against the likes of Saville? Or are unions implicated in the defence of abusing members?

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