Western Liberals try to ban Facing Reality after “disgraceful” Charlie Hebdo massacre cartoon


Charlie Hebdo is shit – it doesn’t stop bullets

Facing Reality should be banned in the name of free speech” declared leading intellectuals today. “Free speech cannot be used to attack free speech” said one. “They’re with ISIS” claimed another, “as only ISIS have such a callous disregard for human life“. The Prime Minister has tweeted “satire is supposed to be funny but Facing Reality’s cartoon is just offensive. Making a joke out of murder has no place in a democracy“. Allegations were also made that the cartoon was racist. “the cartoonists have deliberately imitated stereotypes used by Japanese illustrators during World War Two, images designed to dehumanise us and bolster the idea that the European race was inferior. Such images encourage racist violence as Far east Veterans groups know first hand.

Facing Reality spoke to various people about the offensive cartoon and whether it should be banned under anti-terror laws.

The Prime Minister explained that not only was it offensive as it made a joke of murder, but it “encouraged others to turn to terrorism” and therefore “must be banned“. He continued, “terrorists are at war with our civilisation because they our jealous of our free speech. We must defend that free speech at all costs. ”

Stuart Rodger, currently doing community service for shouting  “No ifs, not buts, no public sector cuts” at the Prime Minister also said the Free Speech was an important principle.

Rupert Murdoch, a newspaper owner, told Facing Reality that he had recently had to defend freedom of speech in the British courts, and appreciated its value.hebdo2 He said that everyone must stand with Charlie Hebdo and those who didn’t,especially Muslims, must be made to say they support free speech. The leaders of the main political parties all found themselves in agreement with him.

One of Facing Reality’s own journalists agreed. “When I put posters up in our flats criticising our Housing Association they get ripped down. When I put posters up at work urging resistance to austerity cuts, I get threatened. We need free speech“.

Facing Reality also spoke to a friend who’d tried to raise the issue of VIP child sexual abuse in the 1980s. “I ended up getting a visit from special branch” she said, “and none of us have been able  to talk about it for decades. So yes, I certainly believe in free speech“.

hebdo4A group of Sodhexo cleaners and maintenance workers said they would like a little more free speech, and asked why nobody was saying Je Suis Frederic. They said that although they were free to discuss their colleague among themselves, they wanted to know how to get the free press to remember that their colleague was also killed in the massacre.

Professor Lickin-isis declared that Charlie Hebdo was on the wrong side of the fight against imperialism, as was the “sectarian blogger” Facing Reality. “Democratic Centralism sometimes means telling people to shut up. The libel laws can be a useful tool too.That’s the only way we’ll achieve true freedom and democracy”.

Perhaps the most unexpected comment came from Professor Ferudi of the “Down With Campus Censorship” campaign, who explained that Mr Farage was right, the massacre was about the failure of multiculturalism, and that the real free speech issue now was the Kick Rapists back Into Football campaign.

Facing Reality has issued the following statement

As a occasionally satirical blog, we understand that things can get taken the wrong way. We hope readers understand the point being made and don’t think Facing Reality supports the attacks or are even sure that all their depictions of Muslims are racist.  We believe in free speech and we tell our kids we want them to speak their mind. But we’d give them a good telling off if they were rude to their grandparents. If any of the friends, colleagues or family of the Charlie Hebdo team were offended by the cartoon, we apologise and hope they can understand the point being made. In fact there was not going to be a cartoon as none of Jo’s facebook friends were able to draw us one. But we saw some one had already drawn exactly what we was thinking and had to share it.
But perhaps the great cartoonist Joe Sacco should have the last word.”


UPDATE    20th JANUARY 2014

Facing Reality’s satire has become reality as lad faces jail for threatening free speech with a satirical cartoon!!!!!! 

It may sound like an ironic joke, but it isn’t. Less than a week after the massive rallies in defense of “free expression,” following the murders of the Charlie Hebdocartoonists, French authorities have jailed a youth for irony.

The arrest is part of a harsh crackdown on free speech in the country that has prompted criticism from national and international human rights organizations.

A 16-year-old high school student was taken into police custody on Thursday and indicted for “defending terrorism,” national broadcaster France 3 reports.”

from Electronic Intifada

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