19 Journalists Dead : Killers Found Living in U.K.at Taxpayers Expense

The killers of journalists in France may have escaped justice. But Facing Reality can reveal that other killers of 19 journalists, and their network of extremists whose aid keeps them going, are alive and well in the UK. Some of them are said to being in receipt of benefits. Facing Reality can also reveal how these killers even managed to secure funding for their violent activities! We can also reveal that they were part of an international network linked to other killers of journalists who exchange increasingly sophisticated weaponry as well as sharing ideas about killing, barbaric methods of torture, and an extremist ideology that justifies mass killing. Al-Jazeera-correspondentSome of the killers are now saying they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder following their killing spree, and are now refusing work and using UK taxpayers money to buy booze and drugs.

Nineteen journalists and other media workers were murdered in two separate attacks in the last 16 years.  The organisations behind the killers openly admit that they were targeted because of what they were broadcasting. One of the apologists  for an attack that killed 16 in 1999,Claire, said  ‘This is a war, this is a serious conflict, untold horrors are being done. The propaganda machine is prolonging the war and it’s a legitimate target.‘ She went on to fiddle £65,000 in expenses from the taxpayer, including hundreds of pounds for repairs to the summer house at her second home.

Her friend Tony, said to be a religious fundamentalist and the mastermind behind the killing said they were ‘entirely justified’ since they were part of the ‘apparatus of dictatorship and power’.  While no longer living off the taxpayer, he is said to be touring the globe spreading the idea that mass murder can be justifiable. He is said to use contacts he made during the international operation which killed the media workers.

Ian, who now receives a large pension from the UK taxpayer said “ propaganda machine consists of transmitters but also the studios from which the information is transmitted. That makes it part of the overall military structure. Both elements have to be attacked”. Another spokesman, David also now in receipt of a large taxpayer-funded pension, said the journalists’ TV station was a  “‘legitimate target which filled the airways with hate and with lies over the years”

nato-bombardierrt-sendehaus-in-belgrad-jugoslawienkrieg-1999In 2011, another attack led to three journalists deaths and the injury of 15. Once again, the killers’ unnamed spokesman was able to declare openly to the UK press  that “a precision air strike” had disable “use of satellite television as a means to intimidate the ……people and incite acts of violence against them”. Tony, Claire, and many other extremists who believe in the use of violence for political ends, have infiltrated the highest echelons of British society.

Furthermore, they have built links with like-minded extremists around the world. This has not only enabled them to avoid any prosecution. They have also ensured they are immune form compensation claims. Amnesty International supported the victims claims. They lost their proceedings in domestic courts in Serbia and further applications to the European Court of Human Rights were ruled inadmissible.

Finally, the killers have been shown to be openly work with journalist killers from other countries,who used almost identical excuses to justify the killing of journalists. They include bombing of Al Aqsa TV in Gaza by Israelis and the missile attack on Al Jazeera in Bagdad by Americans.

In memory of the journalists and media workers killed in Belgrade in 1999

Jelica Munitlak (28) make-up artist, Ksenija Bankovic (28) video mixer, Darko Stiomenovski (26) Technician in exchange, Nebojsa Stojanovic (27) and Branislav Jovanovic (50) TV technicians, Dragorad Dragojevic (27), Dejan Markovic (39) and Milan Joksimovic (47) security guards, Dragan Tasic (31) electrician, Aleksandar Deletic (31) cameraman, Slavisa Stevanovic (32) and Ivan Stukalo (34) technicians, Sinisa Medic (32) Programme designer, Milan Jankovic (59) technician, Tomislav Mitrovic (61) Programme Director and Slobodan Jontic (54) technician

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