Socialist Party Comes Out Against the Postponement of Elections!!!


From the CWI website, February 2015 

“We of the Socialist Party …………. condemn the recent postponement of the 2015 …….elections ……….. We hold that it completely begs the question for ….. to postpone the elections by six weeks on the basis of the ……….! We condemn the………. interfere in the electoral process.

We view the empty arguments employed in postponing the elections as a deep reflection of the ineffectiveness of the …………………………….. We demand that the elections should be held in spite of the fact that the failure of the labour movement leadership to form and build a formidable mass working people political alternative ……….. we are totally opposed to any erosion of the democratic rights of the working people, including their suffrage rights under any guise. We are strongly opposed to any strategy……….. to compromise the elections in a bid to extend its tenure …………

We call on the leadership of the labour movement to reject further extension of the polls and tenure extension for …….. and demand that the elections must not be compromised under any condition. To this defence of democratic rights must be added to a clear programme ……

No tenure extension …… Hold …… elections now! Mass Protests to reject attack on democratic rights!”

Facing Reality interviews Sannah Hell, Socialist Party of England and Wales

Facing Reality : Do your comrades really say this month that “elections must not be compromised under any condition”?

Sannah Hell : Yes, you can read it on our website here

Facing Reality :  So you’ve changed your minds about cancelling the elections in the PCS, civil servants union then?

Sannah Hell : Of course not! We are fighting to defend democracy in PCS by postponing the elections for a year, not cancelling them. In any case, it’s not our Party which cancelled them, but the democratically elected representatives of ordinary union members who voted democratically to do that. The Socialist Party merely supports the will of the ordinary members.

Facing Reality:  But the statement on your website……

Sannah Hell : Look, you know full well that you’ve deliberately taken that statement out of context as a childish sectarian joke. That statement is about the postponement of elections in Nigeria. That is completely different from the situation in PCS….

Facing Reality: …er, how exactly?

Sannah Hell : Any Marxist will understand the difference between democracy in a workers organisation and bourgeois democracy…

Facing Reality :  Sorry. Perhaps I’m not a Marxist. Please explain.

Sannah Hell : Well, firstly, the Nigerian government have postponed their elections for 6 weeks, not a year….

Facing Reality : ...but, er, doesn’t that……

Sannah Hell : ……if you’d let me finish. Secondly, Nigeria is only going through a war in which 10,000 have been killed in the last year, about the same as in Iraq. The PCS hasn’t got enough money due to the attacks by the bosses, backed in effect by sectarians. We They would have to cancel their members magazine instead, and as any Marxist knows, print media is the only democratic form of communication with the membership.

Facing Reality : I still don’t understand…..

Sannah Hell : That’s probably because you’re an anti-Marxist armchair sectarian blogger on the fringes of the Labour Movement. No offence! We are involved in building a movement for the masses to bring socialism. You just make stuff up. I’m not even real, yet you call your self Facing Reality! Please direct your readers to our weekly paper which explains in full detail why the sectarians of the SWP, AWL and other are totally wrong on the PCS.


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