Fuck The EU – This Is Our Coup

TheCoupCoverLarge #thisisacoup sums up the disgust millions around the world feel after the spectacle of EU politicians yet again robbing ordinary Greek people to line the pockets of their banker mates.
I’m sure  I wasn’t the only socialist who, after not being sure how they’d vote in the coming UK referendum on EU membership, decided to stick two fingers up to the parasites and failed gamblers who dominate Europe by voting against the EU. (Of course I don’t want to vote for British parasites and failed bankers – so if I want to keep changing my mind, I’ll be reading the socialist view for and against at the RS21 site – forum for many necessary debates within socialism).

As for now, I’m too angry.

When Syriza were elected in January, there was talk of a coup and I remembered decades ago reading and watching the enlightening and frightening book and film “Z”, set in Greece under the military dictatorship of the late 1960s. The EU may involve banks instead of tanks, but it promises to be even more deadly for the Greek people.

I will leave it to others more knowledgeable about Greece and economics to explain why the deal that Tsipras just got through parliament will fail and why Grexit is still on the cards.

All I can offer you is some communist “murder music” from California about killing bosses.

And before you ask, yes its rap, in the best old school style, but with politics that make Public Enemy look clueless. And yes, before you ask, that is a real CD cover of the band using a guitar-tuner to blow up the World Trade Centre! The artwork for the “Party Music” CD was done in June 2001. The CD was due to be released a few days after 9/11! The artwork got pulled (Boots Riley, lead singer, wanted to keep it – would the Charlie Hebdo “liberals” have defended him I wonder…).

So, here’s something for the EU banker scum.

The Guillotine

Some lyrics could be straight from Bertold Brecht (if he were Californian)

They got the TV, we got the truth
They own the judges and we got the proof
We got hella people, they got helicopters
They got the bombs and we got the, we got the….[guillotine]

Best of all, they’re FUN!

A brilliant combination of old school rap sounds, all done with real instruments, together with videos that combine class war, humour, rythym and dance, that on one level are so harmless you can share (most of) them with your Rizzle Kicks loving six year olds.

Mine certainly loved the visuals on this, even though its title brought it to the attention of right wing columnists. In my town, “murder music” is banned to prevent the likes of Buju Banton advocating the murder of gay men, but I suspect our local newspaper and councillors would got nuts if The Coup were playing this – especially after a group of Indian textile workers killed their CEO during a dispute last year.

Five Million Ways To Kill A C.E.O.

Ride The Fence

More cartoon fun for the kids, one of the few rap songs advocating unions and strikes, along with the best take on Bob Dylan’s changing signs video transposed onto strikers placards.

The Magic Clap

Another funky tune for the kids, explaining how a clap can slap down the bosses and all oppressors

Here’s  something definitely not for the kids – gangstas (to prove they’re real rappers) and killing mysoginists

I’ll let Boots Riley have the last word, describing themselves on Fox TV as a “punk funk communist revolutionary band” advocating a general strike to overthrow capitalism!

Finally, they’re friendly too – here they are with some Brighton friends of mine. Wish I’d been there. Next time they’re playing in the UK I’ll see you there!

calum, adriano & the coup


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