EXCLUSIVE: How Tory infiltrators won the 2010 Labour Leadership for “Red Ed”

David Milliband would be Labour leader and probably Prime Minister today, were it not for Tory Party members taking part in Labour’s 2010 leadership raceFacing Reality can exclusively reveal.

Back in 2010, while no such thing as “registered supporter” existed in the Labour Party, individual members of trade unions affiliated to Labour could vote for the Party leader. (In fact if you were a member of 3 affiliated societies you had 3 votes, plus 1 more if you were in the Labour Party proper and yet another if you were an MP! George Orwell would’ve been proud that this system was known as “One Member One Vote”)

Back in 2010 the left candidate, Diane Abbott, didn’t even get past the first round. But as some of us will remember, the final round between the Miliband Brothers was extremely close, with less than 1% between their totals. Some of us may even remember that Ed Miliband won and apparently was leader of the Labour Party for the next 5 years.

At the time there was talk of Ed Miliband being in the pocket of the unions, and even of irregularities in how unions promoted him to their members. But now that Facing Reality has got hold of this top secret Conservative Party memo, we can see that it wasn’t militant union members but the influence of Conservative Party members in Labour affiliated unions that secured Ed’s victory in the final round.


Dear Conservative Trade Unionists.

As you know, Labour are currently voting on a replacement for their former leader Gordon Brown.
What you may not know is that the Labour Party have changed their rules on how unions vote in such elections. They now have a system called “One Member One Vote”, allowing individual union members to take part in election.

You may feel that has nothing to do with you, and normally you’d be absolutely right. However, if we want to win the 2015 election outright, we need to act to to discredit our opponents. We must seize every opportunity to make Labour unelectable.

What we are asking you to do will take some courage as you will have to register yourself with the Labour Party. The reason is quite simple – it will allow you to vote in their leadership election. Once you have done this, please remember that when you get your ballot paper you must put Ed Miliband as your first and only choice. Our newspapers rightly call him Red Ed, so why would we vote for him? Because we think that because of his reputation as being pro-union, plus a whole host of other qualities, he stands the least chance of winning the 2015 election.

So let me thank you all kindly in advance for doing your patriotic duty and signing up to vote. Remember, its going to be a close run contest so every vote will count

Yours, Gel K Calb

(Secretary of Conservatives At Work – formally Conservative Trade Unionists)


Further leaks to Facing Reality show that in 2010 there were over 15,000 Conservative Party trade union members in 2010 (out of a total membership of over 200,000). “Conservatives At Work” say they received 5,600 refusal letters from their members but 9,400 said they had “done their duty”.

Close statistical analysis shows that had those 9,400 votes for Ed Miliband not been cast, David Miliband would have been elected as leader of the Labour Party in 2010

Facing Reality interviewed David Miliband who said “I love my brother, but he’s useless. Everyone has already forgotten him. I should have been elected leader….sniff…… Had I been there is no way those key 1,000 people in the marginals would’ve voted Tory. With me at the healm, I’m certain that those 1,000 would’ve voted Labour, depriving the Tories of an outright majority, and leading to a coalition government …….excuse me…….[sobs]……..with me as Prime Minister”

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