Party Notes 9 September 2013 500 new members in one week

Hundreds flock to join the SWP

In the last week, over 500 people have joined the SWP, giving the lie to idea spread by forces hostile to our Party, and the so-called “Opposition”, that the SWP name is toxic.

Our consistent record in fighting austerity, opposing the EDL and opposing imperialism in Syria have given the SWP respect in the wider movement, despite attempts by some to use our recent internal difficulties to claim the SWP is finished.

Over 150 joined at the UAF protest against the EDL in Tower Hamlets on Saturday. A further 200 joined at Saturday sales across the country, showing how our petitioning over Syria and austerity cut with the mood.

In the coming period, we expect all members to focus on pushing the Party outwards, connecting with new layers radicalised by austerity, war and fascism, and put our recent difficulties behind us. We are an interventionist party, and the more new people we recruit, the more we can influence events.

Party Notes 16 September 2013 

Another 153 new members have joined the SWP in the last week. Branch secretaries are reminded that anyone joining after today will be restricted in their participation of SWP conference. They are welcome to attend the aggregates, speak etc, but they can’t vote or be a delegate. The first IB will be delayed by a few days due to the unexpectedly large number of submissions, especially from some of our new members.

Articles will include “Magical Leninism“, “The wonders of the Slate System” and “Membership Figures and SW Sales” from the CC. Please note that those comrades who submitted joint articles for IB1 will be excluded from the SWP as they have clearly ignored instructions not to discuss matters before the conference period, or outside party structures.  (Party Notes, 2nd September 2013 states clearly  “All pre-conference discussion should take place through the IBs, the aggregates and the party’s democratic structures, and not by any other means.”

Letter to all SWP Branch Secretaries.  23rd September 2013

New Members

While there have been no new members this week, we are asking all Branch Secretaries to verify the details of the recent influx of new members. Only those paying subs by direct debit will be verified as members able to take full part in Party Conference.

Reminder : Anyone joining the SWP who has been a member in the recent past needs to have their membership verified by the National Office.

Party Notes  30 September 2013

Democratic Opposition Faction

We are taking the unusual step of discussing the opposition faction in Party Notes to ensure that all SWP members are aware of their potential deception, and collaboration with organisations hostile to the SWP. We would appeal to any member considering joining the faction to seriously question its membership. The faction itself are refusing to be honest about its membership. It is important to understand that out of 812 faction members, 638 joined the SWP in the first 2 weeks of September. We have asked the faction coordinators to verify that these are not  former members attempting to overturn previous democratic decisions, But they have not done so.

Letter to all SWP Branch Secretaries 30 September 2013

Dear Branch Secretary

We have reason to believe that most of the new members recruited in September are not eligible for membership. We believe that they have all set up new email addresses and bank accounts solely for the purpose of infiltrating and destroying the SWP. Please investigate discreetly and report directly to the National Office.

Could you also ask around for any member with expertise in IT surveillance. Despite the IT knowledge of many newer younger members, it would not be appropriate to ask them. Please contact the National Office if any members have such experience.


Party Notes  16 December 2013

SWP Conference Report. We Won. Ha Ha!

The differences in our organisation have finally been resolved. Now we can finally get on with rebuilding the movement and the SWP over the next year, and, having learnt from them,  put the last few years difficulties behind once and for all.


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